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Changing your username on TheSims3.com!

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Changing your username on TheSims3.com! Empty Changing your username on TheSims3.com!

Post  DoceromeP on Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:01 am


I just got off Live Chat with an EA representative and got my username changed to DuneGamer! I highly recommend speaking to them as they CAN help.

EDIT: Don't do this! Apparently it's not recommended and I could lose EVERYTHING - my SimPoints, store content! The lot! I've already lost my MyPage ... Sad
EDIT 2: Got an email from EA, and they have resolved the problem. And I got to keep my username! But they're going to stop anyone else from doing it now Sad

Maybe this time I'll ave a good enough willpower to see this through Razz

Changing your username on TheSims3.com! Untitled
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