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The 5 W (and H!) Challenge

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The 5 W (and H!) Challenge Empty The 5 W (and H!) Challenge

Post  Skwittlez Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:29 am

I came up with the idea for a new challenge for myself earlier today. My creative juices are running low at the moment, hence why I came up with this challenge for myself. And, of course, for anyone else who wants to use it, too!

It's meant as a "you decide what happens next!" kind of thing. Let me explain...

My hope is that I can have at least one person answer each of the following questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and maybe even How?

I'll use the answers people give me to put together a new game, exactly the way you guys decide it! This could be documented in any way, but I think I might put it together in story format and post daily.

So, let's get this started! The first person to reply should reply with the Who. The second person, the What. The third, the Where. Etc.

Who - sim names, ages, genders, personality traits, favorites, looks, relationships, etc.

What - what do they do? what do they want? what happens to him/her/them?

Where - where do they live? describe their house (that I will build).

When - when do these events happen? over how many days? weeks? months? years? night? day? in the shower? etc.

Why - why does this happen? why do they do it? why does it turn out this way?

How - how does it all fit together? how does it happen? how is it related?

Just some guidelines on what answers you can give for each category. You can say whatever comes to mind. It does not have to be related to what the person before you said. Just use your imagination and have fun with it!

Once I get an answer for each category, I'll begin the challenge and I'll post for everyone to see and keep up with.

If you're looking for something new to do, give this a try! Post it and see what kind of crazy scenarios you can get!

So, send me your category answers or reblog for your own challenge! I'll update here with my progress for everyone to follow

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