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General Info for bugs, glitches, and other technical issues

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General Info for bugs, glitches, and other technical issues Empty General Info for bugs, glitches, and other technical issues

Post  Skwittlez on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:52 pm

The Sims Social, like any Facebook app, has grown into a very popular game! Since it’s still pretty new, there are still some bugs that need to be worked out. The team behind The Sims Social is working hard every day to provide you the best gaming experience possible, but when problems occur, they need help from us – the players – to make the game better! Sometimes, other players can't always tell you what to do to fix those pesky problems, and we here at Where's Bella can't always provide you the technical info you may need, since we're not professionals in any way – but there is something you can do! Report it to the Sim Social Team!

How to report problems:

First, you can go to the forum to see all issues other players have been having and post your issues as well.

You will also find a topic in the forums for issues that have already been reported – check out that topic before posting your issue to see if it’s already been noticed, that way, the forums isn’t cluttered with repeated posts! If you're issue is posted, don't post a brand new topic. If it wasn't reported, then feel free to post in a topic to let everyone know what issues you are experiencing.

Try to keep your posts related to The Sims Social – remember to be respectful, use appropriate spelling and grammar so we don’t have any troubles figuring out what you’re trying to say, and be patient. Just because there is a problem, doesn’t mean it’s being ignored or it’s anyone’s fault.

If you've been posting and posting with no luck, just be patient, especially if others have posted about the same issue. Chances are, The Sims Social team is working on it.

Good luck!

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