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Sim University!

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Sim University! Empty Sim University!

Post  Skwittlez Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:00 am

The Sim University is a free, online "university" for any player, new or experienced, looking to learn a little more about The Sims 3!

Please note: this is not a legit college. It's just a way to pass along knowledge and ideas to other simmers in one area, so players don't necessarily have to search all over the internet for answers.

"Classes" are held once a week for six weeks. At the begining of the week, professors are expected to post a "lesson" based on the topic they are teaching. They can go about this in any way (video tutorial, written tutorial, pictured tutorial, a little of everything, whatever you feel is fitting). They should assign "homework" for the students in that class based on the lesson being taught. At the end of the week, students should post their assignments in homework area, where the professor and students can critique their work, give suggestions, etc.

At the beginning of the next week, a new lesson should be posted, and the process repeats until the end of the "semester."

At the end of the semester, students will have one week to sign up for another class.

Each completed class gives a student one credit. When a student completes every class, they will be awarded a "diploma" stating that they completed Sim University! Diplomas can be shown off however you want to show it off Smile

*We're looking for professors for some of our classes! If you'd like to share your knowledge and teach other simmers, check out the topic titled Apply to be a Professor!*

*Check the registration calendar to see when registration is open!*

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