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Welcome Professors! Please Read - Intro!

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Welcome Professors! Please Read - Intro! Empty Welcome Professors! Please Read - Intro!

Post  Skwittlez Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:30 am

Welcome, welcome, professors of Sim University!
This is just a welcome and introduction note for all of the professors. Please be sure to read this in it's entirety before beginning your lectures.

I have spoken with most of you already, but I will be posting most of the information I told you here as well.

Each class has it's own labeled category. Please keep everything related to your lectures, assignments, etc, in the appropriate category.

My general idea is that you would post one lesson each week for students to try. This should be done on Sundays. Typically, on Fridays, the students should submit their work by uploading
pictures, video, etc, of their "assignment." Friday and Saturday should be spent critiquing their work.

As a professor, you don't need to "grade" them, but you should be able to provide valuable feedback. If they did it wrong, tell them how they can improve. If they did something really creative, congratulate them on that! Get the students as involved as possible - the lesson plans are totally up to you. You can post step by step instructions, video tutorials, picture tutorials, whatever you feel is best.

You are free to organize your class space as you want. Here is an example of one way you can organize your space:

Create a lesson and assignment topic. The first post should introduce the things you plan on teaching over the course of the semester. Explain to the students that all the lessons will be posted there and they should check it each week. Explain to them where they can post assignments (I'd suggest that they create their own topic, that way people can comment with their suggestions, etc). The posts following should be your lesson plan for each week. Be sure to include the assignment at the end of each lesson. Make sure you provide dates of when assignments are due, etc.

Create an introduction topic. This can be a place where you intorduce yourself, ways you can be reached, and encourage other students to introduce themselves, as well.

Other topics should include the assignments from each student.

Again, this is just one suggestion on how you set your class space up. It's your space, so use it however you see fit.

Obviously you shouldn't pick favorites or single anyone out.

Classes will probably run about 6 weeks, so you can use this time however you'd like. Prepare 6 lessons, or maybe 4 or 5 if you feel students need more time on a specific lesson. It's all pretty much up to you how you handle the classes. You should be able to check the forum frequently throughout the week in case any students have questions.

I am an admin, so I can easily go through and sticky specific posts for you if you'd like, just let me know!

Keep an eye out on this part of the forum - The SU Campus - for other important notices, etc. This will be updated frequently when classes are open for registration, etc. So, be sure to keep an eye out for updates, etc.

Thanks for reading and being a part of SU! Happy teaching Smile

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