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Lesson 1

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Lesson 1 Empty Lesson 1

Post  Skwittlez Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:19 am

Building a Garage onto a House with a Foundation

Hello, students, and welcome to your first lesson - building a garage onto a house with a foundation.
Below, you will find a step by step tutorial. I will be posting this for you all to review, but will also be updating later tonight with pictures for those who are more visual. So, if you need pictures and don't see them yet, come back in a few hours. I promise you they will be up here before the end of the night (of course, that's my time here on the East Coast, but it will be early in the night, so it should be early/earlier for everyone else).

Alright, let's begin!

  1. Before you build your garage, you will need to build your house, of course. Since this lesson teaches you how to build a garage onto a house with a foundation, make sure your house has a foundation!

  2. Once your house is built, visualize where you will want your garage to be. Map out the area you want the garage with foundation blocks. If you want a door inside your garage leading into the house, this is the time to place the door.

  3. Next, add walls for the garage. Decorate the walls however you'd like. Don't forget to add siding to the outside, too!

  4. Once you have the walls up, you will need to delete the foundation inside the walls where your garage is. Leave a couple of blocks of foundation near the door if you've placed one inside.

  5. You should now have your garage. The only thing wrong with it is the space at the bottom. So, let's fix that!

  6. Open the cheat area. For PC, you will do this by pressing ctrl + shift + 'c'. Then type constrainFloorElevation false.

  7. Now, you can add walls to the area at the bottom. You will need to tilt the camera at an angle. Then, add walls from the outside in, towards the house. This may raise the walls that were on top of the foundation, but don't panic, we're not done yet!

  8. Once you've filled in the blank spaces on the bottom with walls, you may need to fix the other walls. They may have moved up in the process and can look distorted. To do this, go into the terrain area and select the tool that levels terrain. You don't want the auto level - you want the one where you click and drag. Select that, then go to the far corner of your house where your foundation is and click and hold. Drag this to the garage, making sure the entire area of the garage is highlighted. Release the click. This should level out the walls and make them look normal again.

  9. You can then add stairs inside the garage to the door and add a garage door. Decorate as you'd like.

If you can't get the angle right to add the bottom layer of walls, there is an alternate method you can try. It's simpler and may work better if you can't figure out the first set of directions. Try this:

  1. Build the house as you normally would, with foundation. Then, go to the very bottom level of the house. This should be the foundation level.

  2. You will need to enter the same cheat as above. Then select the wall and build the garage. I suggest selecting the full room tool. Then, start building the outside and drag inwards towards the foundation.

  3. This will raise the outside wall of the house. Select the level terrain tool as mentioned above and click on a flat area of foundation. I suggest starting at the back corner, then drag it over to the raised area of the house. continue to drag it over the garage, as well. This will lower the walls you just built so that they are the same level as the foundation.

  4. Go up one level so you can see the foundation, then build walls on top of the smaller walls of the garage. Add doors and stairs and decorate however you'd like. Don't forget to add the car port areas!

Now you have a fully function garage built onto your foundation house!

Remember, you have all week to do this. This is your assignment for the week and it should be posted by Friday.

If you have any questions, please post them in this topic. I will be checking frequently and will do my best to help you in any way I can. Happy building!

*I made a video tutorial that goes along with the alternate set of directions. If you'd like to follow the video to see the building process an action, click here!*

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