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Lesson 1

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Lesson 1 Empty Lesson 1

Post  Skwittlez Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:38 am

Installing Pose Player

Hello, students, and welcome to your first class - installing pose player! This is the most important lesson for those who want to use pose player. Without this, you will not be able to use poses or even participate in the rest of the classes this semester. So, make sure you follow and complete this lesson if you want to move forward.

Before installing pose player, you will need to install another program. Pose player, and all poses and other forms of custom content on outside websites (not the Exchange) will be 'zipped'. This is a secure way of installing content into your game, and the only way to use it is to 'unzip' the files. This can only be done with a specific program. You can install it here: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0

Once that is installed, you can proceed to install pose player.

You can install pose player here:

Make sure you clicked the download tab (the link above should take you directly there).
Scroll down until you see this:
Download files
D/L Filename Size Downloads
cmomoney_PosePlayer.rar 460.8 KB 212,683
Description: updated:5-25-11
creators_poselistkit.zip 8.7 KB 62,453
Description: CREATORS ONLY. use to make pose packages show up in pose player list

As it says, you will want to download the first link only. The other link is meant for players that can create their own poses. You don't need to worry about this right now.

Click the link. If you have PC/Windows 7, a bar will pop up on the bottom. It may ask you to save or download. If it does, click download. You might also see a bar at the bottom that shows it is being installed. It might say you have a few seconds left to wait. Once it's finished, just click on it.

A window will pop up - this window is from the unzipping program you installed a few minutes ago. It should show you a list of files from the pose player program you just downloaded. You will need to extract that into your game.

To do this, open your EA folder in your documents, then open The Sims 3. You should see a list of folders there. Click the option to add new folder (right click if you need to). Label this folder Mods. Inside the Mods folder, add two more folder. 1. Overrides. 2. Packages.

Go back to the unzipping program and select all the files that show up there. You can do this by holding down shift, then clicking on the last item in this list. This should highlight/select all the items. Then, click "Extract to" - this button should be near the top of the window.

This will open up another window that will show you a list of all your folders and programs. Click 'My Documents' > 'EA' > 'The Sims 3' > 'Mods'. Click 'Mods' so that it is selected/highlighted. Then click 'Extract.'

This will transfer all those files into your game, allowing you to use pose player.

You can test it to see if it worked by starting your game. After it loads and brings you to the main menu, you may see a blue window pop up that says Mods Found. When you install poses and custom content, they will go into this mods folder, just like how you did it with pose player. When you start your game, it will show you a complete list of mods you have in your game.

Now you should have pose player completely installed and you will be ready to add poses to your game! We'll worry about that more next week. For now, let's focus on getting pose player installed safely into your game.

Remember, you have all week to do this. This is your assignment for the week and it should be posted by Friday. Simply take a picture of your menu screen and/or the 'Mods' folder AFTER you extract the pose player files. I will be able to see if this has been done correctly and I will be able to instruct you further if you need help.

If you have any questions, please post them in this topic. I will be checking frequently and will do my best to help you in any way I can. Happy building!

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